Tim Hortons K Cups

Welcome to timhortonskcups.com. Perhaps like you, we are big fans of the Tim Hortons range while at the same time we enjoy the convenience and great variety provided by the single serve Keurig system.

Unfortunately for us all Tim Hortons still has not released a K Cup product range and at this stage they have intention to do so. From their website, in response to a number of questions about this they post: “We are excited to be launching our single-serve offering with TASSIMO because this unique brewing system provides our guests with a new way to enjoy their favorite Tim Hortons Cafe and Bake Shop coffee and lattes at home, at the touch of a button.  We are always looking for ways to bring our coffee into the homes of our guests.”

If was also raised back in 2011 by financial analysts in regards to product diversification and the response then was the same as is posted now in on their website. So Im afraid we are going to have to wait to see if Tim Horton releases a K Cup product to the market. As much as we like the Tassimo range too, we much prefer our B77 Keurig and will be sticking with it for now.

However, in the mean time there are plenty of excellent alternatives with one of our favourites being the Timothy’s World Coffee, Original Donut Blend.

A timeless classic, Timothys Original Donut Blend Keurig K-Cups will conjure memories of simpler days. This inviting cup of coffee is a nostalgic trip to the days of classic donut shops, where freshly brewed coffee was a staple. Smooth and bright, with a good body and a clean finish, Timothy’s World Coffee, Original Donut Blend do not just brew another cup of coffee.

Timothys Original Donut Blend Keurig K-Cups brew up one of lifes simple pleasures. So pull up a stool to the counter, pick up a dozen donuts (not included) and relax with the simplicity of this familiar favorite.

Like many of the K Cup coffee varieties the Timothys selection is well priced at Amazon.com at $33.03, making the individual KCups only $0.69 each.

We receive a few questions on a regular basis and so would like to cover some of the issues people have raised with us.

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